Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet a Friend Monday - Claire

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Claire from Spinning Threads! Claire is a mom to two adorable little fashionistas, a master thrifter and always looks super cute. Say hi to Claire!

They say if you have a gift you should use it.  I'm not exactly sure what my gift is, exactly, but I do like to shop.  This was one of the reasons for starting my blog.  That and wanting to catalog my closet (something I've dreamed of doing since I saw “Clueless”).  And isn't a blog what all the kids are doing these days?  Or maybe it's just the mommies with kids :)  

The thing about having kids is you're always thinking on your feet...or in my case, wedges (since that's what I love wearing because they make my legs look longer and who doesn't want that?).  My almost 4-year old, Princess Sparkles, is an artillery of questions and my almost 18-month old, Pigtails, well, she's a runner (not always so easy nor graceful in wedges).

My blog may have started out as a place for me to play “dress up” but it has really morphed into something much different than that.  In the 6 months I've been blogging, I've been challenged to dress differently, to remix clothing and shop at thrift stores.   It's allowed me a place to document all the wonderfully funny things my little girls do.  And finally, it's become a place where I can communicate with people all over the world, to be inspired by them and to build relationships with them!

2 WAY TUESDAY – Remixing a Military Jacket

This is just an example of something I do on my blog...

Anyway, lots of thanks to Tiffany for letting me blog here today!  Tiffany is one of my blog twins and we share many similarities, including a closet full of Target clearance rack finds!  I'm always inspired by her and enjoy reading her posts!  Thanks, Tiffany.

If you haven't been over to Spinning Threads yet, head over there and check out her mad thriftin', remixin' skills! =)

Oh, and don't forget to go enter the giveaway!!


Mongs said...

hello Claire. So good to see you here! These are some of my favorite outfits. Thanks Tiff for this meet a friend monday feature, it's really fun!


Style Journey said...

We love Claire! She is a great thrifter, great at remixing and pattern mixing, and her stories about Pigtails and Princess Sparkles are always funny and heartwarming.

We love this feature!!!!

Heather & Kayla

B.Inspired said...

LOVE Claire, and Princess Sparkles and Pigtails! I don' know how she does it by always staying so stylish with two small kids at at home but she does a fantastic job!

Claire said...

Thanks everyone for those sweet comments. And a special thanks to Tiffany for letting me stop by on her blog!


Kish said...

Thanks for introducing me to someone new! And those little ones are way too cute!