Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten Things Tuesday & A Giveaway!!!

I've enjoyed Whitney's Ten Things Tuesday so much that I'm stealing a page from her book and doing one of my own! It's okay, she said she doesn't mind at all that I'm copying her. =) Today's Ten Things is brought to you by the letter "T" as in Thankful. Yesterday, I was musing about how blessed I am and thought I should share with you ten things I am so incredibly thankful for. Some are the things we take for granted and some are things we thank God for every day, but nonetheless, I am thankful!

1. Coffee. Okay, yes, I realize this is a little thing, but at 7:30 in the morning as I stumble into work after a crazy insane morning trying to rush the kids out of the house, I am very thankful for coffee.

2. Those sweet little moments that remind me why I love being a mom. When my Little Guy wraps his arms around my neck and says, "I love you, mom. Will you take special care of my Boo today?" (He said that to me this morning when I dropped him off at school. Boo is his tiger that he's been attached to for the past two days.) And when my Little Miss runs straight at me with her arms out whenever I've been out of the room for any length of time.

3. Excedrin Migraine. For those sour little moments when my sweet kids are no longer being sweet and have given me a headache. lol

4. My salvation. I'm so thankful to Jesus for saving me and preparing a home for me in Heaven. As my Little Guy is starting to get older, I pray every day that he comes to know Christ like I do!

5. Target. Ummm... yes, I am so thankful that I have a Target just a few blocks from my office. Need diapers? I'll run by Target on my lunch break and while I'm there, maybe I'll pick up an accessory or two. ;)

6. Florida. Yes, as hot as it is in Florida right now, I'm still so thankful that I live here! I love it. I love being near the beaches.  I love our mild winters. There are only two other states that I might like living in more than Florida. Can you guess which ones they are?

7. My family. As in my mom and dad and brothers and sister and aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas and cousins. I come from a very large extended family and I love it! Growing up, we'd have these huge family functions every holiday and all the cousins ran around the house and wreaked havoc. It was so much fun! 

8. My husband. One of these days, I'm going to do a post just about him. He's amazing. He loves every single bit of me, even my faults (at least, I pretend that he loves my faults). =) He cooks. He's super clean. I mean, usually, I'm the one who leaves my shoes in the middle of the floor, not him! He's really into fitness. I really can't even imagine a future where he's not a hottie. As soon as he finishes training for one marathon or 1/2 ironman, he's already planning his next big event. He takes fantastic care of the kids and doesn't mind diaper duty or bath time. Yeah, I'm a pretty lucky girl and I won't EVER take him for granted!

9. The color yellow. It's one of those colors that instantly lifts my spirits on a gloomy day. Like right now, I have incredibly chipped yellow nail polish on my nails. But as I'm clicking away on the keyboard, I still see flashes of yellow and it makes me happy.

10. And last, but not least, YOU!!! Yes, you, my lovely readers! Which is why I'm doing a little giveaway right now!

T-shirt (small), Cardigan (small or medium) & Necklace
I picked these up from Maurices recently and immediately thought of you, my lovely readers!

Closeup of the necklace and flower on the t-shirt

Ribbon detail on the cardigan

So, here's what you do to enter! Just leave me a comment and tell me how you'd style that cute little necklace. That's it! =)

For four extra entries,
Follow me via Google Friend Connect.
Like me on facebook.
Follow me on twitter.
Blog, tweet or facebook about the contest.

Leave a comment for each separate entry!

You have until Friday, August 19th to enter. I'll announce the winner on Saturday!  Good luck!


Staci said...

Hawaii and California? Did I get them? I wish one was TX, but I doubt it :-) Anyway, Love your 10 things! Also, love the clothes from Maurices. I would style the necklace by calling and asking you how I should wear it! ha ha! Actually, I'd probably wear it to teach with my standard uniform of capris and some sort of button down. Not genius, so I might have to do some more shopping soon! LOL Hope your Tues is too much fun! Love ya!

B.Inspired said...

Aww what a generous giveaway and I think coffee is really anyone's salvation and your son is just adorable! I'd style the necklace by wearing a light coloured dress and I'll be following you Twitter :)

Style Journey said...

I would say New Orleans and California? I've seen Whitney do the Ten Things and it cracks me up. I love that you did things you are thankful for. Sometimes it's just little things that make us happy and thankful :)

Ok for the necklace, I would style it as follows:

A pink pencil skirt, a tannish/creme colored satin collared top, and the necklace with ladylike shoes.

And the polka dot shirt is A-DORABLE!!!!


Erica said...

I would pair that necklace with my teal and white striped shirt and my pink cropped trousers. It's so cute!

North Meets South

Erica said...

I follow you via GFC

Erica said...

I follow you on twitter

Bonnie said...

Nothing can ever beat Target. I will seriously go there 5 times a day. It's the most fun store like that to walk around!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Whitney said...

I love your Ten Things! I super approve. And I even more approve of your alliteration.

You've made such a great list! It makes mine seem so trivial in comparison.

Enter. Me. Now. I love all of those items--you're so cool.
I'm following you on Twitter--but I didn't know you had a facebook. Heading there now, too!

rlutz said...

COffee and Target...two things I am not sure I can live without!

CC said...

Love the necklace!
It would be great with so many things, but a crisp white button down, pencil skirt and a pair of gorgeous teal heels would be outfit number one!

CC said...

I follow you! :)

Tara said...

I'm sure one of your states is Louisiana, but the other one is obviously Georgia, right? Right?!?!?

And this might surprise you, but I'd absolutely wear that necklace with a skirt and a cardigan. Shocking, no?

I follow you through GFC and on Twitter...do I need to leave separate comments for those?

Claire said...

okay, I'm so thankful for pretty much everything that you're thankful for. exactly. the list is the same...except for Florida :) and i think you'd wanna live in California or Hawaii. because those are similar to Florida :)

and i love this giveaway! every single thing you chose is awesome! i would wear that necklace with everything. haha. as soon as i saw it i was like...ooohhhh, where's maurice's?

i would style it with a black dress, a t-shirt, something red, something purple, anything and everything. seriously!!!

Claire said...

oh, and i'm following you on GFC. i should get a twitter account but it scares me. and i also should set up a facebook page for my blog but i'm lazy. so for now i'm just a follower :)

lhamo Mashutzo said...

i am from Nepal, is it possible for me to receive it ????
well i would try the black polka the neck piece with a long plain black shirt with a flat shoes to comfort the look in simple way!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess on those two states... California and... Arizona? :0)
I lived in FL for 3 years. I didn't realize that's where YOU are! Yaaaay for giant cockroaches, hurricanes, and WHITE SANDY BEACHES! Yes!! Love coffee, my kids, and Jesus too! :0) Hugs.

Emily L. said...

I'd try to wear it with an outfit that didn't have any teal in it so that it would pop. Or, I'd double it up and wear it as a bracelet - that works well with some necklaces, and you get double duty out of them!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'll guess Hawaii or California! Beautiful post, our ten things are verrrry similar! Love that coffee, love my kiddos, love headache medication and love my Savior! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Ack! I forgot about the necklace quiz. I would pair it up with ANYTHING purple because purple and teal are my signature colors, not to be confused with "blush and bashful" ;0)

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Thanks for linking up to “Help a Momma Out Tuesdays” on our blog!! We appreciate it!

Love your list and can relate to them ALL!!

I would totally pair the necklace with a black tank top! Perfect! Love the color! :) Thanks for the chance!


jos xx said...

lovely giveaway!!! i would love to participate!

i would wear that gorgeous necklace with a white dress!

jos xx

Keely said...

I will wear that necklace with my green maxi dress and platform sandals before summer's end. And then I'll wear it with the little tee pictures above, cutoffs and comfy flats.


Keely said...

Liked you on Facebook.

Keely said...

Now following you on twitter too!

Keely said...

And of course I am following you on Google Friend Connect.

Natalie said...

Sweet necklace! I'd pair it with a white button down and a floral print skirt. It's a great color!

Natalie said...

And I'm following you on Twitter now. :)

Kish said...

First of all, can you turn down the heat cuz my heart is melting over your little sonshine asking you to take care of his Boo. Seriously. Big puddle over here.

Secondly, I KNOW that one other state that you love is Louisiana (you New Orleans girl, you) and I'm going to guess that the other is maybe Texas (I mean, we are right next door to La)??!!

So, how sweet is it that you thought of us when you picked these items out! I think the necklace and tee actually go really well together. And I can totally see that necklace around my neck while I'm wearing my orangey-reddish-ish Loft dress...or my red/white striped tank with jeans...or a white tee, black skirt, and my yellow cardigan...or....

Ok. I'll stop.

Ally said...

I love that you thought of your readers! That necklace is adorable. I am a huge fan of turquoise-y colors with coral, so I would wear it with a coral colored top and jeans to casual it up a bit!

brunette said...

necklace + white sheath + red pumps



brunette said...

I'm a (new!) GFC follower

Peggy said...

so cute! i would wear it with one of my many striped shirts! thanks!

Peggy said...

i liked you on FB

Peggy said...

i followed on twitter!

Danielle said...

I follow you on google

Danielle said...

I follow you on facebook:>

Nav said...

Awesome contest!!! Thank you. I love the necklace, so I am entering. The necklace would be perfect for styling office wear outfits :)

I follow you on GFC :)


Rachel said...

Oh how I wish I was working again just to do this contest....maybe I should just start making use of my closet full of stuff I don't wear much now for around the house! And start a blog also :D
I look forward to your posts everyday! And yes I did have a snack while reading it.

As for how I would style that....
necklace + purple button down shirt with ruffles + wide tan elastic belt + skinny jeans + fatbaby Ariat cowboy boots over top