Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cry Me a River

I feel like all I do is whine lately! Eesh. It's got to stop. Like right now, all I want to do is whine. Other than that I can't think of anything even remotely entertaining to say!

I've been sitting here staring at the computer screen for nearly ten minutes and I've got nothing. Unless you want to hear about Once Upon a Time. Because that's what I've got playing in the background.  Poor Snow White and Prince Charming! Will they ever finally realize they belong together?!? Whatever it is that's keeping me from being my usual witty, entertaining self, let's hope it's gone tomorrow, right? ;)  Otherwise, you just might get to hear about more shows I'm liking right now.
Shirt: maurices
Jeans: Old Navy
Booties: JCPenney
Jewelry: Borrowed from my Sis

A little shout-out to Heather & Kayla of H&K Style Journey, who inspired me to go all black and white with no pops of color at all. It's shocking, I know! ;)
 I need to find a new photo editing site now that picnik is closing! Because without picnik, this is what happens. I get one picture that looks kind of decent and another that is all glowy. And I have no idea why. lol So, if you have any recommendations, let me know, please! =)
Well, I hope y'all are having a fab week! I'm linking up today with The Pleated Poppy! Head on over there to get a little inspiration to dress up a bit!


Nicole said...

Your post is so ironic to me today! I, too, feel like whining today and I've also decided to wear a monochromatic (black and grey) outfit today. I felt so weird leaving the house without color!

And I am super sad that Picnik is closing! Now I'll have to find another inexpensive way to edit my photos. I'm way too cheap for photoshop. ;-)

just tututiny said...

Seriously! I am having a sluggish day too. Took me forever to figure out what to write for my blog post last night. I LOVE the flower detail on this plain white top though.

Julie said...

I think it is January's fault for being a little down. I feel the same way too.

LOVE Once Upon A Time and that was a terrific episode. The end was so good!

Completely sad that picnik is closing. I don't know what I am going to use now either.

Love this look. The shirt is so cute with the detail at the neck.


All Things Chic said...

CUTE!!! nothing like a cute top to give you some energy for the day!


Sarah Stright said...

Sometimes you just have a bit of bloggers block. That's ok. Just show us your pretty outfit and tell us to make up our own commentary :) I'm also pretty sad about Picnik closing :(

Aya Smith said...

I thought it was our prerogative to whine as women, hehe! J/K. We all whine now and then, usually about once a month ;)

As for an editing program, I guess Adobe is out of the question? I would be lost without it, personally. But photobucket has a nice editing capability... if I didn't use Adobe, I would surely use it!

You look gorgeous btw!

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Callie said...

Really adorable outfit, Tiffany! I think the black and white combination is so classic. And with the embellished neckline, I think the outfit stands along perfect with a pop of color. Go Kayla and Heather for such great inspiration!

So sorry to hear about your editing site closing. If Photoshop is too expensive - which for $600, it really is - you could always try Photoshop Elements. It's a sightly simpler program, but with all the major features of Photoshop. It runs about $50-60 dollars and I really like it for photo editing. Just an idea!

Callie @

Ashley J said...

Love the black and white, I feel like that is all I have been wearing lately. I just use Flickr to upload and post my photos, good luck finding one that works for you!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Love the top!! I also love Once Upon A Time. I am really interested in the stranger. I can't figure out who he is!

silvergirl said...

i know i am bumming about picnik too, not only was it a good editing site, but i liked how i could get to my picasa site so quickly just a few clicks and i was all set storing my photos
over on
she is talking about alternative websites.
haven't been over there yet, but can't wait to see what she came up with

TaraMixandMatch said...

I love the detailing on that top!

oomph. said...

picnik is closing?? i mean, i don't use it....but i always thought it was a great backup in case i did need it!

nothing wrong with black and white...they always look good together, even without accents.


Cara said...

Picnik is closing because it is becoming something similar, more integrated with Google+, called Creative Kit. I tried it out, and it's pretty much just like Picnik. Phew!

Kish said...

You know what you need to go along with that whine?

A glass of wine.


J9 STYLE said...

Cute look! I know wine helps me when I whine. ;)

Bravoe Runway said...

Pour yourself a glass of vino and just relax for the evening. I have no idea how to use picnik, I upload all of my pix on picasa and just crop and play with some colour settings. Sounds like I've missed out on picnik...

Claire said...

i'm really loving the top! the black and white is fab. i also adore Once Upon A Time. It's so much fun!!!

Girlie Blogger said...

This black and white ensemble looks comfy and cute.

I LOVE "Once Upon a Time." One of the best shows on TV so far. I actually look forward to Sunday nights now.

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Well, what can I say, we are human, and we are women, sooooo a little bit of whining is okay! Hahaha!
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Tara said...

Sometimes, you just have to whine! When everything builds up, it's just no fun to keep it all bottled up, you know? Plus, I don't think you even sound whiny at all :)

I am such a fan of the black and white...that shirt is adorable!