Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet a Friend - Dossome & Kindallicious!

I'm excited to introduce you today to two of the cutest teachers I've met recenlty, Dossome & Kindallicious from Tale of 2 Teachers! Their names alone will probably have you running over to their blog to see what they're all about. When you get there, you'll find two incredibly cute, stylin' funny gals. I almost wish I could go back to 6th grade just so I could have these girls teach me!  Without further ado, meet Dossome & Kindallicious! =)


Let us start off by saying that we absolutely love Tiffany! She is so sweet and was one of the first people to follow us and show us love...and she has the cutest blog! Thanks for featuring us Tiff!

Tale of 2 Teachers was started just this year by the team teaching duo of Dossome and Kindallicious! Yes, we give ourselves dorky nicknames (although we often just go by D and K). Our little blog was started for a variety of reasons, we like fashion, we like fashion on a budget and we wanted to share our love of teacher fashion with the world. We loved each others outfits that we just had to share!

We keep it real here on a Tale of 2 Teachers, we act goofy, document the craziness that accompanies teaching and we keep track of our closets. We take pictures at the end of the school day, when we are exhausted and frazzled and we shop on a teacher's budget. Reoccurring themes on our blog are Kids say the Darndest Things, Fab Females and Man Children, book recommendations, kissy feet and sometimes we do jazz hands and have goofy poses.

6th grade English teacher, mother of two handsome boys and thrifting queen. Features fab jewelry, outrageous prints, amazing shoes and the best darn jazz hands you've ever seen.

6th grade English teacher and lover of all things vintage. Features her large collection of vintage inspired dresses, quirky prints, chunky jewelry and bright red hair (soon to change!).

We found so many great bloggers (including Tiffany) and we feel so lucky to get a chance to share our outfits with you all. We also love seeing and getting inspiration from other bloggers! Come visit us and be sure to leave your link so that we can come visit you! Thanks again to Tiffany for having us today :)

Aren't they great?? If you don't already know them, head on over to their their little corner of the blogosphere and say hi!

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the domestic fringe said...

They're so cute! Love their style. Can't wait to go visit their blog.

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