Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monroe and Main Giveaway!!

Do y'all happen to remember when I was asking you to vote for my shoe haiku like every. single. day for an entire week?  Well, it paid off! I won their Shoe Haiku Contest and therefore, the $250 shopping spree!  Well, because I wouldn't have had a chance without YOU, I asked them if I could share my gift. Because they're amazing, they said, "Absolutely!"

I had so much fun browsing their site to see what I might buy.  Here are just a few of the dresses I like from their summer collection that can easily be worn into fall, by adding a cute little jacket. 

Monroe & Main Summer to Fall Dresses

They also have a fantastic selection of accessories, a few of which I thought might interest you!
Monroe & Main Accessories

Because Breakfast with Tiffany wouldn't exist without my readers, I'd like to offer you part of gift that Monroe and Main sent me!  That's right, friends, you can enter to win a $100 gift certificate so that you can have your own little shopping spree at Monroe and Main!

You can either shop their summer collection or wait until next month when their fall catalog comes out!

So, here's what you have to do!

Mandatory Entry:
Go to Monroe and Main and tell me what you would buy if you win!

Extra Entries:
Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via GFC (there's a little icon in the left sidebar).
Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via facebook.
Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via twitter.
Follow Monroe and Main via twitter.
Follow Monroe and Main via facebook.
Tweet, blog or post about the giveaway on facebook and leave the link in a comment.

Okay, just leave me one comment telling me which of these entries you qualify for!  This giveaway will be open through Tuesday, July 17th.  I'll announce a winner on July 18th!  Good luck! =)


the domestic fringe said...

You are really awesome to give away part of your gift. Congrats on the win. I'm very happy for you.

I have no clue what I'd pick if I won. They have so many nice things to choose from. I saw a Graphic Artista Dress and it's wintery. I might pick that, because I hardly have any winter dresses. In fact, I don't think I have even one.

I already follow you on facebook. ;-)

the domestic fringe said...

Ok, I also shared this giveaway on The Domestic Fringe's facebook page. :-)


Carolyn said...

I like that Maxi Mix dress! Pretty! I began following you on Twitter. I'd love you to follow me @sillyhappysweet. Have a great rest of your week!
Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

Juneli said...

That's an amazing giveaway! I love their its a Wrap dress. Following you on GFC, Facebook and Twitter and Monroe and Mail via Facebook.
My email id : junelig2012@gmail.com
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

TheTinyHeart said...

I'd get the Ikat Maxi Dress. I follow you with GFC, follow you on Twitter, following Monroe and Main on Twitter, liked Monroe and Main on FB, and tweeted about the giveaway:

The Tiny Heart

Katie said...

you're so generous to give up some of your prize! congrats on winning!! I love the colorblock dress! I follow your blog GFC and follow you on twitter!

Lisa L said...

You are so sweet to share with us!!
I like the greek goddess shirt in the dark purple, but could find LOTS of stuff to buy!!

I follow you on FB & Twitter and now follow M&M on FB & Twitter

More Than "Just Mom" said...

I would LOVE this shirt - too cute! http://www.monroeandmain.com/Tops/Shirts-and-Blouses/Victoria-Baroque-Top.pro?fpi=68613&catCd=MW

Robin O said...


I follow your site via GFC as Robin O

and I follow Monroe & Main on Twitter as @rkosully

and I follow Monroe & Main on Facebook as Robin O'Sullivan


More Than "Just Mom" said...

Oops, Tiffany, I forgot to add I followed them on Facebook and Twitter ;) I was already a follower of all your fabulous sites!

Robin O said...


sorry, I forgot to say I would buy the Shelf Bra Animal Maxi Dress!

I follow you on GFC
and I follow Monroe and Main on FB and Twitter!
Thank you!

Hannah said...

My comment/entry is for telling you what I want most from the site.
I've had my eye on the "Bustier, Blanco" and a gift card would come in handy to help pay for it. :)


Lyndsay said...

I would buy a few of their cute dresses & a ton of their amazing necklaces & other accessories!

Bonnie said...

Those accessories are way cute! I need to amp up my accessories collection.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Giovanna said...

Fun! I would love the buy the gold and white one shoulder top!

gia.arrow at gmail

Giovanna said...

Following your via GFC!

gia.arrow at gmail

Fritter said...

I would buy the Dapper Denim Trench, easily! I need a great new trench coat, thanks!
farrah dot ritter at gmail dot com

CC said...

Hey girl, I'd either get shoes or the stretch sateen dress in white. :)
I follow you via GFC, on FB and followed Monroe and Main on FB.

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

congrats congrats congrats!
Xo Megan

Maria said...

If I won I would love to get the animal maxi dress! Love it!

I follow both on twitter. I follow both on facebook. And I tweeted about the giveaway!

Maria said...

Forgot to say that I also follow you on GFC!

glam.spoon said...

How generous of you! I would love to wear that Sublimation Print maxi... cute stuff! OK, here goes: Liked both Facebook pages... Followed both Twitters... and here's my tweet! http://twitter.com/#!/shop_grrl/status/223072818403876864

Thank you!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

I really love this floral vintage dress: http://www.monroeandmain.com/Dresses-and-Suits/Dresses/Print-Dress-Zip-Front.pro?fpi=81688&catCd=WI

I follow you on GFC and twitter :)

Shea said...

You are way too sweet to share your giveaway winnings Tiffany! I love the Venca dress, it's so pretty!

Atreau said...

I would purchase the Dress, Border Sheath.

Atreau said...

GFC follower: Atreau.

Atreau said...

I Follow Monroe and Main via facebook.

silvergirl said...

I will take the

Mira, Andiamo Slide please

Andrea said...

I like the colorblock dress! Also loving those gold sandals you posted.

Chelsea said...

I love the jean leggings!
I follow you via GFC
I follow you on Twitter
I like you on Facebook
I like Monroe & Main on FB
I follow Monroe & Main on Twitter!

girlymama said...

I'd love a colored blazer!!!

ne-knopka said...

i like Dress, Ciao Bella Crochet

I follow you via GFC-ne-knopka
Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via facebook-Anna Ku
Follow Monroe and Main via facebook-Anna Ku
Shared on fb-https://www.facebook.com/anna.ku.526/posts/332308260186621



Maria Jose Ovalle said...

I would get the blanket coat! @verybusymama

Maria Jose Ovalle said...

I follow you on GFC
Follow on FB as MariaJose Ovalle
Follow Monroe and Main on FB
Shared on twitter

Anonymous said...

I'd get this Best Little Black Dress http://www.monroeandmain.com/Dresses-and-Suits/Dresses/Best-Little-Black-Dress.pro?fpi=64870&catCd=MU


Anonymous said...

I follow Breakfast with Tiffany via facebook. (Shawna O.)


Anonymous said...

I follow Breakfast w/Tiffany on twitter(@LuckySweeper)

I follow Monroe and Main via twitter.(@LuckySweeper)

I follow Monroe and Main via facebook. (Shawna O.)

I tweeted https://twitter.com/LuckySweeper/status/224037406897217536


tinagirl said...

-I think I'd have to get the crisp, clean, chic "Color Block Dress"! Love the gray & white!

-Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via GFC: Tina Renee Barker
-Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via facebook as Tina Renee Barker
-Follow Breakfast with Tiffany via twitter @warp65
-Follow Monroe and Main via twitter @warp65
-Follow Monroe and Main via facebook; Tina Renee Barker
-Tweeted giveaway: https://twitter.com/warp65/status/224255159092518913

treneebarker at hotmail dot com

Serenap95 said...

I love the Vest, Double Breasted


Serenap95 said...

Following this blog using GFC
Serena Powell

Serenap95 said...

Following you on Twitter

Serenap95 said...

Following Monroe and Main on Twitter

Carly said...

Great giveaway! I like the Everyday Maxi dress in red, the Ruffle Dot tank, and the Express sandal. I liked you and Monroe and Main on Fb and follow both of you on Twitter now. I am a new follower on GFC. :)

Bre Dale said...

I would buy the strapless floral dress with the certificate!

Bre Dale said...

I follow via gfc

Bre Dale said...

I tried to go back and delete my previous two comments to combine into one but couldn't but I do follow you both on Twitter as BresBaubles and follow you both on FB as well!

Rachel said...

YAY on winning and they doing a giveaway :D

There is a Alonna Lace Back Tee to die for on there! I don't own a lace back tee and would LOVE to have one. And some very cute shoes. Almost too many good choice to choose from!

I follow:
Breakfast with Tiffany on GFC
Breakfast with Tiffany on Facebook.
Monroe and Main on Facebook.

Sahara R said...

I want to my favorite Classique, Ankle Strap Espadrille and Jewelery if I win.

Following via GFC - Sahara R
Following Breakfast with Tiffany via Facebook - Sahara Rao
Following Monroe and Main via twitter - @wannabyoung4eve
Following Monroe and Main via facebook - Sahara Rao

Shared on Facebook -

Tina said...

I'd probably buy the Deanna colorblock criss cross sweater with part of the $100, and I'm thinking a pair of sandals with the rest!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

OOOOoooh you're so generous- thanks for sharing with us and congrats on the win! I am drooling over the zip front print floral dress! I follow you on GFC and twitter- fingers crossed :)