Friday, February 1, 2013

1980's Motorcycle Girl

Well, hey there. I think I've come to a place in my first year of teaching where I might be able to reserve a tiny bit of energy all of you fabulous ladies. So, I think I'll say that I'm back.  At least for today, anyways.

 photo DSC04484_zpsc039cc72.jpg
Shirt: Loft, Thrifted; Belt & Pants: Target; Scarf: Gift; Jacket: Rue 21; Boots: JCPenney

When my Little Guy saw me this morning, he said, "Hey, mom, are you dressing up like the 80's?" To which I replied, "No, that's next week. Why?" He just gave me a look. Then my husband turned to him and said, "It's okay, buddy, I thought the same thing." My poor boys and their lack of fashion sense!

 photo DSC04483_zps684ba50b.jpg

Then, when I got to school, my students said, "Mrs. Haze! You look like a motorcycle girl!"

 photo DSC04480_zpsfd054524.jpg

I'm going to have to work on this whole blogger posing thing again. If in doubt, just go with the "I think I'll take a little look-see at my shoes down there" pose.

Without getting too wordy, I'll update you really quickly on my this crazy life of mine. It's been fun, that's for sure. Teaching your first year with two crazy kiddos while taking on running has been quite an adventure. I love my third grade class! They're so much fun and teaching them has been a blast. Not only have I fallen in love with teaching, but I've also fallen head over heels in love with . . . running. It's kind of weird how I've gone from a hater to a lover. I'm running my very first 15k tomorrow morning! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've never run quite this distance to date, much less over two bridges, which is where the course will take me. Eeesh! 

Okay, with that brief little update, I'll leave you with a close-up of my favorite scarf ever.

 photo DSC04481_zpsdbe1f25e.jpg

It was made for me a few years ago by the creative genius behind Oslo and Alfred. She's so talented! Check out her shop! I know, I know. I could have done so much more with this pretty little scarf than just not it around my neck... I'm not a very good "scarf wearer," but next time I'll try to do something worthy of this little beauty.

I hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


oomph. said...

look at you all bad a$$, lol! love those pants!! a few of my friends love running, too, and are trying to get me to do a marathon. i really don't mind running, but i get shin splints!

CC said...

Hey girl! I've missed you - hope you'll stick around. :)
Love your leather jacket with (of course) your turquoise tee. :) So glad you are enjoying teaching. :)

Style Journey said...

So glad to see you back! You did it with a bang. You look great!

Cara said...

Welcome back! Oh, wow, love that jacket! I'm running regularly now too. I love the opportunity to think. I hit the treadmill at the gym on my lunch break (it's averaging a windchill of -30 around here... I won't venture outside for a few weeks... months), and even though it means running to the gym and rushing through a quick shower and eating at my desk, I love it!

rlutz said...

I am just so happy to see you! You are definitely looking bad ass are rocking those pants! I am glad to hear everything is going great with you! Good luck with your run!!

Dalton Primeaux said...

Oh wow! How awesome are those pants! Love it!

TaraMixandMatch said...

Glad to see you back! That jacket is awesome!

Lena B, Actually said...

Cute look!! Good luck with your run!! :)

Peggy said...

hey you! the first thing I thought when I saw your pic was - she is a stick - I bet she has been running! haha. I took up running recently too! Ran a 5K and am now training for a half-marathon. Love your target pants!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

lol. boys just don't get it. Cool jacket.

Terri said...

It's always a good day when students comment on your outfits! I'm glad you're starting to find more "you time" in your first year. It's exhausting, but you will be amazed with the difference between your first and second year.

Katie said...

so glad you are loving teaching! and nice to read an update too! :)