Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer (Mom) Style: Two for One

I'm so eager to wrap up this 30 for 30 that I'm presenting both outfits that I wore yesterday, which brings us to Outfit Numbers 28 and 29!

 photo IMG_3469_zpsebc100ad.jpg
Team Tank: F21
Skirt: Le Lapin D'or
Sandals: Target

I wore the incredibly mismatched outfit above for about an hour while I was cleaning the house. Then I changed into my swimsuit and went to the beach. This is the most I've stretched my creativity in the challenge. I typically wouldn't pair purple with blue gingham... and I'm not sure it actually works, per se. But I think it would pass if worn confidently. Now, if I had a cute coral printed tank or green printed tank, I think it would look much better with the gingham skirt!

 photo IMG_3501_zps52206572.jpg
Dress: Kohls
Blouse: NY&Co
Wedges: Zulily

Last night, we had another Family Conference meeting, so when I got home from the beach, I whipped up some dinner, grabbed a quick shower and changed for church.

 photo b53195d4-a5f1-4b7c-a65e-55635480e172_zps02c17906.jpg
Necklace: Charming Charlie's
Leather Wrap Bracelet: Premier Design Jewelry

Speaking of the beach, I swam for the first time in open water. You guys, I swam with the fishes. Literally. And I didn't freak out. Something even touched my nose at one point and that time, I actually did freak out, but I recovered and didn't drown. It probably helped that the water I was swimming in wasn't over my head. =)  I have to admit, it's going to be a tough swim on the 18th. But I've decided I'm just going to finish this triathlon, whether I have to back float, free style or side stroke my way through it.  When I train for my next triathlon, I'll really try to spend more time doing kicking drills, spend more time swimming laps, etc., so that I can really figure out the swim.

 photo IMG_3500_zpsb31838c6.jpg

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Style Journey said...

Swimming in the open water (aka: the ocean) is freaky! As long as you try your best and breathe, you will be fine.

Love the tied up blouse over the dress too!

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

I need those sandals, Tiffany! They would be perfect with so many outfits. Love the snake print over cobalt.

Olivia Lane said...

Your church outfit is fantastic. Also, HOORAY FOR YOU for posting your cleaning outfit! #realtalk I think about sharing my cleaning or work out outfits for WIWW sometimes.
PS Visiting from WIWW, please check out my blog Olivia Cleans Green to see my outfit. Thanks!

CC said...

Love your church outfit! The dress and shoes are so fabulous. ;)

A Little Bit of City Life said...

just stumbled onto your blog from GYPO and I'm really enjoying your blog! I'm your newest follower on GFC, I hope you can check out my blog as well and possibly follow back!


the domestic fringe said...

I would totally freak out if something touched my nose in the water.

Love that church outfit. I honestly think you could wear anything and look fabulous.


Abby Barnhart said...

adorable! i would wear that first outfit for sure!

thanks for linking up with dress for the day!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

love your style, so fun and fresh!

falei oalei said...

Love the tied up blouse over the dress too!
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