Monday, December 30, 2013

Missy Missy Says So

Whenever this little miss is being bossy, I call her Missy Missy. Well, that's kind of a lot.  Missy Missy is going to be a great big sister. I mean, great in such a way that she is going to loooovvve bossing her little sister around someday.

 photo IMG_5347_zpsafb92d19.jpg
Sweater & Jeans: Secondhand
Shirt & Purse: Target
Boots: Zulily

 photo IMG_5353_zpsd876e59b.jpg

 photo IMG_5348_zps34640a0e.jpg

When we were playing school yesterday…
MM: Blah, blah, blah, blah (about teachery stuff)
Me: (browsing the internet on my phone): Uh-huh…
MM: (walks right up to me) I SAID put youse phone DOWN.
Me: (sets phone down in my lap.)
MM: Grabs phone out of my lap and sets it on the table and looks me in the eye) If you 'bey, I will give you a book to wead. But if you disobedient (It's weird how well she can pronounce that word), I not give you a book!"

 photo IMG_5284_zpsd3e84605.jpg
Shirt: Old Navy Maternity
Vest, Jeans & Bracelet: Kohls
Boots: Sam & Libby for Target
Necklace: Premier Designs Jewelry

At the movies, the other day…
MM (very loudly): Momma, I hungwy.
Me: (whispering): Wait, just a few minutes.
MM (five minutes later, loudly): I sooooo hungwy, momma.
Me: (I rummage around in my purse and find a jackpot of m&ms.) Here, have a few m&ms.
MM: (five minutes later, even louder): I steel so hungwy, momma. Pease can I have popcorn?
(Now it was her first time at the movies. How does she know about popcorn?!?)
Daddy (leans over and takes Avi): C'mon, baby. Let's go get you some popcorn.

 photo IMG_5283_zpsc6380eb3.jpg

At Target, yesterday looking at baby clothes.
MM: Momma, we HAVE to get this blanket for baby Daisy. She weel love it.
Me: But Avi, it won't match her room. Her room is going to be yellow and blue.
MM: But momma, babies don't yike buh-lue.

 photo IMG_5288_zpsbcc5fadc.jpg

While singing her a bedtime song…
MM: (finished singing Jesus Loves Me with me and utters a big huge sigh) I sing so fetty, momma.

Whenever she sees a baby anywhere.
MM: *squeal* Dat a baby, momma! A baby yike baby Daisy! When baby Daisy come out, momma, she gonna be so coot!

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Judy said...

Avi is truly going to be a wonderful big sister!! She is just so cute!! Thank you for sharing!

rlutz said...

She is just too adorable!! You are looking that pink vest!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Kids say the cutest things

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are SO cute!

Tricia @ The Domestic Fringe said...

Awww...she's so adorable!!! I love her little outfit.

And, you look fabulous! You wear your pregnancy very well. Super-cute mama.

Corinne said...

I love Missy Missy's outfit, what a sweetie =) I'm sure she'll make a wonderful big sister!

Corinne x