Saturday, January 18, 2014

Preggo Style: Beetlejuice & Smores Pizza

I didn't realize until after I was dressed that I resembled a certain movie character from the 80's.

 photo IMG_5543_zps6a61d62c.jpg
Striped Blazer: Kohls
Dress (Gift from my sis-in-law), Boots & Belt: Target
Tee: Halftee
Jewelry: Premier Designs, Target

Beetlejuice. Can't you kind of see him here in the stripes and purple?

I ended up removing the jacket once I got to school because my room was nice and toasty warm, so rather than spending most of the day looking like Beetlejuice, I simply looked like I was trying to color coordinate with Jem and the Holograms.

 photo IMG_5547_zps3624ae1c.jpg

 photo IMG_5546_zps6cb783be.jpg

Maybe next time, I'll use Rainbow Brite or Papa Smurf as inspiration for my outfits.

And because I love you. Yep, YOU. I'm going to share the easiest and most scrumptious dessert pizza recipe with you.

My youngest currently has the flu and I wanted to do something nice (but not time consuming) to help cheer her up. And baby Daisy wanted chocolate. So, while she and her brother watched a movie from my cozy bed, I whipped this little pizza up.

 photo photo2_zps10aac137.jpg

I scoured pinterest for a recipe, but couldn't find anything easy enough or quick enough or where links actually worked, so I actually got creative and made something up on my own. *gasp* It's a shocker, I know.

 photo photo1_zps6b993677.jpg

Here's what you'll need.

1 can of Pillsbury refrigerated thin crust pizza dough
Chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows
Golden Grahams cereal

I baked the pizza crust on a pizza stone for about 5 minutes, then layered on chocolate chips, cereal and marshmallows. I put it back in the oven for about ten minutes and that was it.

Seriously. Is that not the easiest recipe ever? Easy Queen, right here. ;)

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Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Mmm, yeah. My girls and I will be making that s'mores pizza soon enough. Your outfit is cute and not at all Beetlejuice!

Autumn said...

Cute dress! I love it with the blazer! And my kids, okay all of us, would love that pizza! Might have to give it a try!

Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog - Girlie Blog Seattle said...

Preggo? You don't look it - until the sideways picture. But still, very tiny bump. Lovely dress, btw. Oh don't show me that pizza! Too easy and too good.
Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

oomph. said...

i agree with the don't even look pregg from the front! my first thought was, i know you've been preggers for a while, but you don't look it at all!! love the boots!

Corinne said...

I really love that blazer!

Corinne x

Rachel Kaylynn said...

The pizza looks amazing. And 80's or not you looked great!

Barbara said...

You look great! That pizza looks so good.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Your bump is ADORABLE!

Marlen said...

this smores pizza sounds like every kid's dream come true haha, i'd probably lose my mind if my sweet mom would make me that back in the day. or even today am i kidding, haha! and i never turn my nose up to a beetlejuice inspired look, you look adorable ;)

xo marlen
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Jenny Moyett said...

Love this look! You baby bump is teeny tiny - so cute!! :)

Have a great week!


Marci McNair said...

Purple dress is lovely! Such a great pregnancy dress!