Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Review Monday & A Sunshine Award!

Movie Review Monday - Tangled

You know you're a mom when the only movies you ever get to watch are animated. We recently watched Tangled.  At a glance, I thought "Great movie!" It was funny and entertaining for both me and my three-year old.  Rapunzel is delightful and sweet and the guy is so funny.  But like so many kid movies I've seen lately, it seemed to have a recurring theme of "Parents don't know anything! Kids know best. Parents are dumb." I realize that the "parent" in this movie wasn't actually the parent, but Rapunzel doesn't know this until the very end. In the original story, the "mother" is actually an evil witch and Rapunzel doesn't grow up thinking she's her daughter, does she?  Maybe I'm wrong...  I was appalled when the guy (his name escapes me at the moment) flat out said that every kid was expected to rebel at some point. Okay, I know I rebelled and acted out against my parents, but I certainly don't want my sweet kids to be told by their favorite movies that it's normal and expected! *sigh* Maybe I'm being stuffy and old fashioned, but I guess that's another movie that's not going on the Ipad.

Sunshine Award

In honor of Claire at Spinning Threads giving me my first ever blogger's award, (Thank you, Claire!) I thought I'd share some beach pictures with you guys! =)

We went to the beach Friday because my office was closed and my sister was playing hooky from work.
Shirt: Target
Skirt: Express
Sunglasses: Stolen off my sweet sister's face ;)

So, if you've been following me for a bit, then you know that I wore this exact same shirt & skirt here.  What a versatile skirt this is that I can wear it to work AND to the beach! I love this little skirt!

The blurry spot right on my butt is the scratch on my sister's camera. =)

Check it out, folks. I'm wearing my new swimsuit. It's the first tankini I've bought since college, I think. Thank you, Little Missy.  I wonder how long I can blame my missing six-pack to the "baby I just had."  I wanted y'all to get an idea of what the swimsuit looked like, without y'all actually seeing "all" of me in it. lol I paired the tankini with a solid black bottom.  In the above picture, I'm holding the hand of my three-year old, who is waving happily at the camera. He really does make the picture, but I had to crop him out to keep my hubby happy. 


Tara said...

You're not old fashioned, you're just a realistic mom, now :)

I told my dad I didn't want Brigid to watch Disney movies, because I was tired of all of the parents dying when the kid was young (I was half joking, but seriously, Disney? What's with all of the death??), and he told me it was too bad, she needed to own the movies anyway. So we've gotten them all as they've come out of the 'vault'. Oh well...

You look super cute on the the suit!

From Lissa..with Love! said...

You look great! I'm thinking that I'm going to end up in a 1-piece this summer as well. I just can't get committed to do sit-ups regularly. It's pitiful! lol I'm thinking of maybe a classic "pin-up" style suit if I can find one reasonable. :o)