Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet a Friend - Tricia!

I'm late! My goodness, it's nearly 9:00 and I'm finally getting my Meet a Friend post up. Crazy! Is this what happens when you start teaching? You can't think of anything except your classroom and lesson plans and all that jazz?

Okay, well, I really am excited to introduce you to Tricia from The Domestic Fringe! I "met" her in the blogging world a few months back and then later we realized we went to the same college... which I guess wouldn't be too big of a coincidence except that we went to a really small conservative Christian college. What a small world! Tricia is the adorable mom of two cute kids and is hysterically funny. For reals, this girl cracks me up on a daily basis!

Without further ado, meet Tricia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hi all! I'd say "Hi y'all", but I'm a Yankee. Don't hold that against me, because I like sweet tea, the beach, and barbecue just as much as anyone born below the Mason-Dixon line.

My name is Tricia, but people in blogland call me FringeGirl. I blog over on The Domestic Fringe. It's a little nutty over there, but I'm right at home among nuts, preferably peanuts in m&m's; however, I am currently trying to break that addiction. It's going...well...not so great.

I stumbled on Tiffany's blog a couple of months back and I adore her cute style and fun self. I only wish I could be half as fashionable as she is, but I'm about one step above pajamas and slippers, not to mention my husband says I wear Medusa snakes on my head.

Whenever I go out shopping, I always set out to look for trendy pieces that will ramp up my wardrobe, and I always leave with a bag of clearance t-shirts. That either qualifies me for nursing home fashion or preschool style. Either way, I'm out of my league. If anyone would like to call What Not to Wear and turn me and my saggy bottom jeans in, please feel free. I'll email you my address and my husband's cell phone number, so Stacy and Clinton can set up an ambush.
Even on the rare occasion I try and dress up, I end up looking like a Stepford wife instead of looking elegant and classy.

I guess at this point there's no real need to tell you I am not a fashion blogger. That's a "Duh" point already. I mostly blog about life. I have a husband, two kids, and a pet Betta fish named Hot-Shot. We also had a long-tailed lizard, but it just passed on to the great swamp in the sky. God rest his reptile soul.

There's no telling what pet will replace the lizard. If my kids have their way, we'll have a Komodo Dragon and a hairless cat. I wouldn't put anything past these two.

It is my dream to one day have a book, written by me (another "Duh" moment), sitting on a shelf in Barnes and Noble, but for now I am blogging and working on ideas. Ever hear the term "Starving Artist"? Now you know why. We are always working on ideas instead of working on things that make money.

I hope you'll come visit me over on The Domestic Fringe and join me in finding funny moments in this reality we call life.

Thank you Tiffany for having me as your guest. I enjoy visiting your blog every day and getting some inspiration to class up my style. Maybe one day soon your good taste will rub off on me. Until then, you'll find me at the clearance rack in Target.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey, I'm ALL about the clearance rack at Target! Y'all (I'm definitely from the south!) should head on over to The Domestic Fringe and say hi!


Laura said...

K, your 'stepford wives' outfit is fabulous! Totally classy, I would wear that every day. Glad you made a new friend in blogland!

Anne said...

I love your dress!Great post:)

Style Journey said...

So funny! I was cracking up through the whole post. Heading over now to say hello :)

the domestic fringe said...

Thank you Laura and Anne. I just washed that dress, so maybe it's time to wear it again. After all, Stepford Wife is better than Pajama Mama. ;-)

the domestic fringe said...

Style Journey, Thanks for stopping by to say hello! I always enjoy meeting new people in blogland. :-)


Lisa Tognola said...

So fun! I can appreciate the cartoon because I have a head full of unruly curly locks!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Nice to meet ya! I like your stepford wives outfit. I hope you get a hairless cat too:)


Whitney said...

haha! Yes! That is what happens when you become a teacher. I hope you're enjoying it!

Rina said...

Aha! Starving artist! Thanks, now I know what I am haha...