Sunday, August 11, 2013

Church Style: Floral Blazer

Who's going back to school already?  Pre-planning starts tomorrow! My room is about ready. I have a few things to print at Office Depot tomorrow, laminate and put on the walls... but then I can devote the rest of the week to planning. I'm so excited about coming into this year so much better prepared! I'm eager to meet my kids this year and get to know them.  Teaching must never get old because you get to start with a new group of kids every year!

I wore this little dress that I've worn quite a few times this summer with my new floral blazer to church this morning. You guys.  I'm so bored with this rambling. Seriously, how is it that I haven't even started teaching yet and my brain is already too dead to come up with anything worthwhile for you.  As my three-year old would say, "Too well." As in, Oh well. Too bad. You get what you get. 

 photo IMG_4318_zpsbae6a36b.jpg
Dress, Bag (new!) & Rings: Kohls
Blazer: maurices
Wedges: TJMaxx
Necklaces: Premier Designs Jewelry
Bracelets: Premier Designs Jewelry & Kohls

 photo IMG_4320_zpse2703f3c.jpg

 photo IMG_4316_zps5cfd3a4b.jpg

I love you, TJMaxx, I really do. But these wedges are a little bit hideous. I had no idea they were so clunky and unattractive until this very moment. Eesh. 

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Rhea D said...

Aw love this blazer! Complements your blue dress perfectly. I wore the same color blue dress for my link up.

Visiting from the Sunday Style blog hop,
Rhea @ Rhea Et Cetera

Happy Sunday! :)

Jen said...

I really like the dress! The bright color really pops!

Cara said...

Aw, it's too well you don't like your ramblings :P We like them!

Style Journey said...

This is that blazer you posted on IG? I love it!!! It looks great with that pretty blue dress

TaraMixandMatch said...

Love this dress on you!

Jane {torontoShopoholic} said...

Love the colours, and the wedges aren't hideous at all. Maybe you are just bored with them.

I often struggle with what to say in posts too. I am trying to put more personal in and not so much, "this shirt is great, heres why" stuff.

Jenny Moyett said...

Love how bold and colorful this outfit is! I'm SO not ready for school yet. I still have so much shopping to do! Good luck with the new school year!


Inge Jane said...

I am in love with this blazer! And your dress is such a pretty blue!

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Love the blazer over the bright shift dress and the purse is adorable.

The Bradleys said...

I love everything about this outfit but I must say your hair is absolutely fantastic!! Whoever cut it did a spectacular job.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Love all that vibrant color on you lady!