Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Get Dressed

I do. Every. Single. Day.  I mean, I do have a job outside of the home otherwise I'd be sorely tempted to wear pajama pants and tank tops until I actually fit into maternity clothes. Currently, my real jeans and skirts aren't buttoning very well. I've had to go back up into the few bigger sizes that I have left in my closet.  Leggings are a growing girl's best friend! But you know the problem I have with leggings...  And don't get me started on dresses. I've always loved a good dress, whether it's a sundress or a pretty little dress I can wear with tights and boots. I love a dress. Well, when you're pregnant, dresses tend to hang over your blossoming belly and make everything from there down look just as big as your belly. It really doesn't help when you're well endowed in the upper body area. Yeah, so while getting dressed has been a challenge, I've embraced welcomed adjusted to it and I'm trying to continue to be my cute little ole self.

Here are a few of the ways I've gotten dressed over the past few weeks.

I tried my hand at mixing plaid and leopard print, in a very subtle way, to church a few weeks ago.

 photo IMG_4884_zpsbcd8a443.jpg

Shirt: Kohls
Skirt: Old Navy
Socks: Aldo
Booties: JCPenney

 photo IMG_4886_zps20bf8777.jpg

Necklaces: Target & Poshlocket

I also mixed stripes and leopard print, to work one day last week.

 photo IMG_4889_zps1f9a9d4c.jpg

Tunic: Kohls
Leggings: Target
Socks & Belt: Aldo

 photo IMG_4888_zpse2a66d5d.jpg

Then I asked for your advice and didn't follow it last Sunday when I wore this little number.

 photo IMG_4910_zps8478bdf5.jpg

Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: Thrifted
Belt: Kohls

And because you've got to see my almost 13-week (Yay, 2nd trimester!) belly.

 photo IMG_4915_zpsc6fcb0bd.jpg

Then the temps dropped and I needed to bundle up, so I did follow your advice the following day when I wore the exact same thing to work.

 photo IMG_4920_zpsdedbfc55.jpg

Scarf: Gift


So, now, all I've done is proven to you that I've gotten dressed four times over the last two weeks and twice was for church. =)

That's better than not getting dressed (or documenting it) at all, right?

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Abby said...

That maxi dress is so gorgeous on you. Love it with the scarf, too!

By the way, I've updated my blog with a new post. I'd love for you to swing by :)

Anonymous said...

You look adorable, and the bright colors become you! Xox

Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

The checkered shirt with leopard ankle socks is my favorite! Such creative and cute ensembles. You're going to have one stylish pregnancy!

Autumn said...

Love that maxi!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Great looks on you.

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Happy Friday!