Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer (Mom) Style: Team Tank, Printed Shorts & Cool Shoes

Can someone tell me what these kind of shoes are called?

 photo IMG_2742_zps739aacd5.jpg

Tank: F21
Shorts: Gap Outlet
Belt: Target
Cool Kicks: Ralph Lauren, TJMaxx

I mean, I know they're tennis shoes. But don't they have a better name? They're not Converse or Keds brand. They're actually Ralph Lauren, but do they have some sort of name? I don't like calling them tennis shoes. Tennis shoes make me think of tennis and I most certainly couldn't play tennis in these shoes! So, that's my question for the masses this afternoon.

 photo IMG_2743_zps1b41e079.jpg

I guess we could say Outfit #3 of my 30 for 30 is brought to you by these shoes, whatever they're called.

 photo IMG_2741_zpsff3e2344.jpg

I actually wore Outfit #3 on Day #2, after church at a little Father's Day gathering at my house. I forgot to work in Sunday afternoons into my outfit planning, so at this rate, I'll actually wrap up my 30 for 30 in about 27 days!

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Style Journey said...

How about sneakers? I love this laid back look. The shorts and top are perfect with each other!

Cara said...

I agree with Heather - sneakers, or "sneaks" if you want to be the cool kid on the block. I'm jealous of your laid back outfit. I thought my outfit (a dress. No accessories) was comfy and easy but yours was made for summer days!

Penniless Socialite said...

I really like this casual look. it's so cool and funky.
Penniless Socialite
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Keely said...

So cute! I love your plaid shorts. I'd call them sneakers.:)

oomph. said...

yup, i think they would be classified as sneakers. i saw more of these types when i googled sneakers vs. tennis shoes. or you could just call them shoes :)